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Time to think, tailored to each customer:

helps people think outside the box  

....  but doesn't come out of one


Nick McBain is working on the senior mentoring scheme: a welcome addition to this book because it is a systemic approach, deliberately used only by KPMG among our other UK case studies.  Mentees report consistently that they believe as a result of participating in the programme they can continue their development by getting another mentor for themselves whenever required. This is independence not dependence!  Mentors report that when working with mentees they get that rare commodity,  thinking time to reflect on their own working practices.  They also build up developmental manager skills and the skill of non-judgmental listening – quoted by one as a key attribute for helping her team through difficult times of change. Professors David Megginson & Clutterbuck, ch8  of 'Making Coaching Work' CIPD


I am very grateful that Nick was open to re-visiting some of the tools I had used with another coach. This gave me continuity and a reference point to take the full measure of how I have changed and where I am going today. Nick also helped me voice certain career-life aspirations I did not dare project myself in... I would have been unable to consider these long term ideas without his help and encouragement. I would recommend him as a coach. Voluntary sector senior manager


I trust my team more to do a job to a high enough standard to enable me to reduce checking. I have more personal time and have cut weekend work by 2 thirds; I try and make a conscious effort to ask individuals for their opinions now,  I am getting better at praising my team. I am making a conscious effort to delegate tasks without creating fear. The way I ask questions has changed in that I try to get my team to be more open and honest. Running of the business itself is smoother as if a member of the team has reservations about a client or the business I listen to them, and we set up a plan. We now spend a lot more time as a team considering whether or not we want to work with a specific business whereas in the past we would probably have taken the work contract and analysed the value of the client later.  Accountancy business managing director


With the help of these coaching sessions I was able to find, not just a new job but, the "dream job". Many other things contributed to this but the coaching with Nick was key in accompanying me on this journey of change and decisions. Certain motivations, assets, values, skills and long-term aspirations were made clear to me, thanks to our discussions. The support and openness that I found in our interactions were also tremendously helpful in a time of self-doubt and "career soul searching". The right distance and respect was always kept. I could also talk about everything else (personal, spiritual) in relation to my career and still keep the professional focus.  Premium goods retail manager (moved from London store manager to country manager)


The coaching provides valuable tailored thinking space for senior management.  It included creative and lateral thinking, as well as a structured approach for dealing with complex environments. It was not just about solving immediate problems but also looking ahead to identify emerging issues.  It supports and enables the capacity of leaders to think strategically, regardless of pressures. The particular benefit of this approach to coaching was building on success, and the sense of being partnered in problem solving. This excellent service is geared towards enabling senior executives who are working to achieve transformational change for their organisations. Member of NDPB senior management team