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Time to think, tailored to each customer:

helps people think outside the box  

....  but doesn't come out of one

We're delighted you are here and hope you’ll spend a few moments checking us out. What we can offer:  

  • Mindfulness training - work patiently, kindly and directly with your own mechanisms of conscious attention to let go of 'mental buzz' and stress; get vastly more clarity, focus, balance, resilience ... long-term.

  • Coaching and mentoring - confidential, supportive, challenging space. Time to Think for CEOs, leaders, high-talent staff, or any  employee. 'Systemic' mentoring including company-wide schemes.

  • Learning and development -  increase skills, change attitudes,  deepen knowledge, retain & develop talent, enhance long-term employability, balance formal and informal learning across an organisation.

  • Consultancy projects  -  skilful and lasting responses to challenge and change: specialist collaborative work involving multiple stakeholders; insightful, creative responses to both obvious and 'wicked' problems.

  • Facilitation - small group, conventional or Open Space conference facilitation which gets the best from a team's collective experience and creativity: for strategic planning, team-building, and challenge-solving.

  • Interim Project management -  in any of the above fields: experienced, fast-deployed assistance, to take the load off pressured teams. Results? Important projects go ahead while they can progress their other work.

A  specialist resource to help organisations and individuals develop, improve and change

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