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Consultancy projects

A selection of assigments:


  • Releasing Potential: with David Wills MCMI, MAC - analysis and report for Scottish Disability Equality Forum on learning and organisation development needs of the 50-member Disability Access Panel network across Scotland.      

  • People Management: helped author Peter Hunter to write an  implementation manual for Breaking the Mould (© 2006 Peter A Hunter) - a definitive answer to  ‘how to manage people’ and ‘how to grow employee ownership’

  • Personal Development Planning: grew a new set of management processes, wrote a national manager guidance handbook and delivered the follow-up manager training for a 38-member national Volunteer Centre network.

  • 'The Coaching Manager/Supervisor': a culture change programme for every manager and supervisory layer in Scottish Water,  involving over 80 senior and middle managers plus first-line supervisors.

  • Scottish Government Health Department: a consultancy analysing sources and impacts of change interventions going out to the Scottish Health Service from the centre, and how to co-ordinate them a little better.

  • Inclusive Volunteering: redesign ways of working in a national Volunteer Centre network, 'mainstreaming' higher-needs volunteers into the main core process of all Centres: recruiting, developing and deploying volunteers.

  • National sector-wide survey and needs analysis: consultancy for Volunteer Scotland involving national consultation and follow-through on the future of volunteer learning in Scotland and the mechanisms needed to support this.

  • Volunteer Centre Resource Kit: handbook for Volunteer Scotland to support good practice across their national network of Volunteer Centres, on the topics of: finance, funding development, employment, training & development.