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Time to think, tailored to each customer:

helps people think outside the box  

....  but doesn't come out of one

Coaching and mentoring

Why should you want 'coaching'?


Coaching helps people to thrive, rather than just survive. The bigger the responsibilities, the more the benefit. Some client quotes:

  •  A particular benefit of this coaching was building on success, and the sense of being partnered in problem solving.

  • It included creative and lateral thinking, as well as a structured approach for dealing with complex environments.

  • It supports and enables the capacity of leaders to think strategically, regardless of pressures.  

  • It was not just about solving immediate problems but also looking ahead to identify emerging issues.

  • Who would have thought that working with Clarity could lead to such a rapid turnaround in my professional life!

  • Coaching moved me from trying to get through the next week, to making a five-year plan.

  • Coaching provides valuable tailored thinking space for senior management.


Coaching offers a way to:

  • maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional life

  • tackle current issues and opportunities ... and anticipate those yet to emerge

  • review and extend ‘personal best’ qualities which pressure may have submerged

  • get out of the swamp of immediate challenges and focus on strategic needs and vision.

For one view of the overlaps and distinctions between coaching and mentoring, see here.


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